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March 11, 2011

March 11th

Hey guys, this has been a hard day for parts of the world, as i know Japan is having struggles, iIwish them luck and pray for them as the tsunami destroys them, its sad. I wish all stop motion artist's luck in Japan!
Okay, back onto what i did today, today i have sorted some pictures for 'Alpha Squad', i have been reading the republic commando series! Very very good! Check them out! Today i have also started to make duplacites of all my minifigures! It is working out good! I will be posting a picture of all the duplicate customs, rate them!
I have recently met a brickfilmer named legodude889, his animation is very smooth! His laser test was great! I really enjoyed his work, although he just started out! He deserves more then 6 Subs!
signed out until Saturday!

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