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March 17, 2011

March 17th

Well today was a busy day, i could explain so much like how i went for a run and how i went to school, but ialk about suppose to talk about animation, so here is what i did today in the animation world....
I have recently ordered 2 Commando Droids from CAC as well as an asortment of LittleArmShops weapons! Those are going to be featured soon! Today i have checked out a new entry for my contest, very good detail. I liked it, as did i like the other entrys. Today i worked on te next episode of "The Talk" on Plo-Koons StarFighter! This episode also has a suprise in it!!!
Today i have been working on a set for my next film! Also i have worked on my script.
I have been talking with some animators for advice, such as spugesdu, so yeah, go to m to find him there! Other then that i have no important news to tell you.
Good night and sweet dreams.

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