April 16, 2011

April 16th

Hello guys, sorry for not updating in a while! 212Th is really under go. So, If any of you actually read my bulletins, you would know that the official trailer for: The Adventures of the 212Th Attack Battalion is going to be released on an UN-expected date! Also, I have created a Review Channel called 'High5PicReviews'. Also, Me and Gwalter98 created a shared account called 'EpicGwalter98' (I'm epic, he is gwalter98)

Also me and Gwalter98 are holding a contest, so enter soon! Another thing is The Late Night Talk, anyone willing to guest star just PM me, for the next episode I have LPGPictures and FrontLoaderMan for interviews!

Thats all for today, or all I want to type! LOL

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