May 30, 2011

May 30th

I have lots of stuff to tell you about today! So to start this article off, I will talk about my BrickArms order. (below)

These BrickArms are going to be used in countless numbers of my animation! Including Alpha Squad, Captain America, as you can see above, the ending pictures show some of the Figures from Captain America!

Now, an Update on The 212th Attack Battalion, 212th is coming good, I suspect that it will be out in a week or so, if GoatMilk773 and LexiHilton come togther! Anyways, let me give you a few spoilers, 212th is only going to be 4 minutes long! But very epic. I plan to make a sequel but that is to far ahead to plan.

Thats all for today, check out Gwalter98's blog for some new Articles!

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