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August 12, 2011


Hello Guys,

I'm going to update you guys on a few things, First I'd like to start of with this site '12' FaceBook Shares and '3' Tweets. I can't thank you enough for that, that really means a lot.

My FaceBook page, has 4 likes, I know that may not be a lot, but for me, it's kind of a big deal noticing that I seem to be Sky-Rocketing in a fan base way!

Flickr is also starting to hit off, Thank you all so much for Fav'ing my photos and following on my Flickr updates! So thanks for that too!

But the thing hitting off the most is YouTube, just last night I made 3 subs, I've constatnly been going up in subscribers each day, and I don't know why, But thank you so much for 206 Subscribers and over 6k upload views, Anyways, at the Sub count of over 250 I will make a LEGO contest with actual prizes!!!

Film Updates!
Well onto Updates on some films, Looks as f I won't have time for Spugesdu's contest, Adobe's free trial ran out so until I buy the full package then I'm not doing any effects for Star Wars!

NukeTown~ NukeTown got destroyed, in a large thunder storm it fell off my Bulding table so now I'm working on a new Map! So it should be interesting, Also, maybe uploading CoD gameplays.

Thanks for reading and check Gwalter98's blog for LEGO up to date news

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